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Makeup Primer 101

I will be the first (probably not actually the first) to say that nothing's more important than properly prepared skin. However, I don't necessarily think primer is for everybody. If you're one of those people with naturally airbrushed skin, a good moisturizer will get the job done. For the rest of us, a primer may be the answer. 

Whether it's enlarged pores, redness or uneven texture, we've all got our skin woes. With about 8000 different primers on the market, which one's right for you? Something like Benefit's POREfessional will make your face smoother than most of the guys on Tinder. Seriously - one dab of this stuff and pore's be gone!  Rimmel's Fix & Perfect is going to illuminate your skin to give you that "I woke up like this" glow. A good primer can also mean longer wear for your foundation. 

All in all, primers are definitely worth the investment. Not totally convinced? Start with something on the lower end of the price scale, such as Maybelline's Baby Skin and watch the magic unfold. What's your go-to face primer? 
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